Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there teams looking to pick up new players to join their team?

More often than not, yes!

If you're looking for a team to join, please let us know by filling out the Contact Us form. You'll be added to the Pick Up list, which is where teams can go to find new players to fill their rosters.

Can I enter a new team into the league?

Yes, but only at the beginning of a new season.

If you're looking to enter a new team into the league, please let us know by filling out the Contact Us form. You will be put on a list for the following season.

Does the league hold a year-end banquet?

Yes. Our inaugural banquet was in 2018, which was so successful, we'll be doing it again in 2019!

Does the league supply bases or do we have to bring our own?

The league supplies bases, which are kept in the job boxes by each diamond.

The home team of the FIRST game being played on a particular diamond is responsible for putting out the bases.

The home team of the LAST game being played on a particular diamond is responsible for putting the bases away.

Does the league supply game balls?

Yes, part of your team dues covers the cost of balls, which are given to teams before the start of the season.

The home team is responsible for supplying 1 new and 1 used ball for each game. The used ball should be in relatively good condition.

How do I synch my schedule to my Calendar?

Check out the URL for demonstration videos with the more popular calendars:

How many games does the league play?

Depends on the number of teams in the division for a given season, but for 2019...

The Co-Ed division will play 14 regular season games + playoffs.

The Men's division will play 25 regular season games + playoffs.

How many girls does a Co-Ed team need to play a game?

A Co-Ed team needs to have 5 girls and 5 guys but can play with 4 girls where a male HAS to play catcher.

How many teams are in the league?

We currently have 12 teams in the Co-Ed division and 18 teams in the Men's.

How much does it cost to put a team in the league?

For the 2019 season...

The Co-Ed division will cost around $715 per team (excluding the cost of umpires, which is $17 per team, per game, and is to be paid to the umpire before each game)

The Men's division will cost $1850 per team (including the cost of umpires for regular season games; for playoff games, umpire fees - $17 per team - per game, are to be paid to the umpire before each game)

What days / times does the league play?

The Co-Ed division plays Sundays, but never on holiday weekends.
Games can start at 3:30PM, 5:00PM or 6:30PM.

The Men’s division typically plays twice per week (sometimes over double headers) on Monday to Thursday, but never on a holiday Monday.
Games can start at 6:30PM, 7:45PM or 9:00PM. However, due to scheduling issues, those start times could be pushed out by as much as 15 minutes.

What is the league's policy when a team is short players for a given game?

You are allowed to call up players to get to 10, but the players MUST be registered with the league and NSA Canada.

Team reps can check the Call Up List to find league players who are willing to play for other teams when they're short.

What kind of balls does the league use?

The league uses a 44 COR ball in both the Co-Ed and Men’s divisions.

When does the league start its season?

The Co-Ed division starts on Mother’s Day which is typically the 2nd Sunday of May.

The Men's division starts on the Monday after Mother’s Day.

Where does the league play?

For both the Co-Ed and Men's divisions, games are played at Clarington Fields which are located on south side of Baseline between Green Road and Westside Road in Bowmanville.

For exact location in Google Maps, click the diamond location link in the schedule.

Who is responsible for entering the scores after a game?

The winning team is responsible for entering the scores, but the losing team can do so as well.

If the game ends in a tie, it is the home team's responsibility to enter the scores, but the visiting team can do so as well.

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